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Commercial Christmas lights for use on large outdoor Christmas trees are these days decorated with LED lights, LED lights will run at a lower power and be safer as well as cheaper.

LED outside lights fall into one of two categories, LED strip lights and LED floodlights, LED floodlights can have PIR circuitry to switch the light on when the light detects movement.

Cheap energy saving light bulbs in the UK are LED light bulbs, LED light bulbs have fallen dramatically in price and large tens of years longer than conventional light bulbs.

Twig lights are decorative twigs for use in the home with LED lights built into the twigs, typically your get 1.2 meters of cord on the twig lights so plenty of cable to reach your plug socket.

Bathroom fittings from ceiling mounted flush LED lights to battery powered LED lights and IP44 adjustable ceiling mounted strip lights there ae a variety of styles to brighten up your bathroom.

Wireless security lets you switch on your LED light bulbs by remote control from your mobile phone app an app on your tablet computer, you can switch your lights on or off over your phone even if you are in a different country.

How to change a ceiling light bulb, first your need to have a replacement bulb to hand, if it's a conventional halogen or bulb light you should upgrade to LED lights with their cheaper running costs.

Ceiling mount flood lights let you illuminate a room or warehouse with a large light that is cheap to run and yet provides thousands of wats of light output.

GU10 bulb lights make an excellent choice for halogen replacement, halogen bulbs run hot and as well as wasting energy make your room unbearably hot in the summer, choose from wide beam and narrow beam GU10 lights.

RGB LED 12v lights are coloured lights that run from a 12 volt electricity supply, this is not a mains voltage and so these lights can't simply be plugged into mains.